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Hamatora (ハマトラ, lit. "Yokohama Troubleshooter") is a Japanese mixed-media project. The project began with a manga series written by Yukino Kitajima and Yūki Kodama as the character designer, while Yū Wazu is adapting the design to the illustration. The manga, Hamatora: The Comic, started serialization in Shueisha's Young Jump magazine in November 2013. An anime television series, Hamatora: The Animation, by the studio NAZ premiered on TV Tokyo and ran for twelve episodes between January 8 and March 26, 2014. It was followed by a second series by Lerche starting in July 2014, Re: Hamatora. Additionally, a role-playing game titled Hamatora: Look at Smoking World developed by FuRyu was released in July 2014. Other related titles include a light novel and a stage play.
The series takes place in the year 2014 when selected humans called Minimum Holders have been discovered to possess supernatural abilities. The story focuses on Minimum Holder Nice who forms a detective agency called "Hamatora" based in Yokohama and he starts gathering a large number of allies such as his partner Murasaki and assistant Hajime as well as enemies including several criminals. The anime stars Ryōta Ōsaka, Wataru Hatano, Hiroshi Kamiya, Emiri Katō, Kiyono Yasuno, Jun Fukuyama, and Yuichi Nakamura among others.

The series has earned mixed criticism from publications for manga and anime. While the elements of mystery have been praised, the themes and animation have been less well received. It has also been often compared with X-Men for its plot and characters.


The story of Hamatora revolves around a 17-year-old teenager called Nice, who runs a private investigation agency called 'Hamatora' in Yokohama, Japan with his partners Hajime and later, Murasaki. In the world there is the existence of Select humans called Minimum Holders (ミニマムホルダー Minimamu Horudā) have been discovered to possess supernatural abilities known as 'Minor Miracles' or 'The Minimum'. These people are trained in the Facultas Academy to develop their potential, and are given highly advanced classes and training to do so. As a result, those who graduate from Falcultas are given extreme benefits and privileges that enable them to be highly successful in life, such as being entitled to any job or career they want with ease. The existence of minimums and minimum holders is kept extremely confidential and secretive from the general population of the world.
The events of Hamatora The Comic takes place in the year 2013, with Nice having left Falcutas academy early in his first senior year. Due to Nice both being a genius and a prodigy, Murasaki, the second highest ranked graduate from Falcutase, is tasked with the mission of bringing Nice back to Falcultas by any means necessary. As Murasaki first meets Nice, his impressions of him leave Murasaki feeling insulted and angered that someone as easy going and immature like Nice could be superior to him. As Murasaki observes Nice on his jobs though, Murasaki finds himself assisting Nice and comes to see the potential Nice actually possesses as well as acknowledging his genius. He also dwells on Nice's views on Falcultas' workings and his opinion of how people with minimums are not slaves and are free to live their lives responsibly.


Nice (ナイス Naisu)

The impulsive founder of the detective agency "Hamatora", Nice works in the manga as the only detective with Hajime's help whereas in the anime he is the half of the "Minimum Holder PI duo" along with his partner Murasaki. He is a former member from an academy of Minimum Holders who left to start a life as a detective, obtaining several allies. He is constantly in need of money, partly due to the fact that he does not care about the cost of a job request more than what it entails. He is a bit absent minded at times and rarely acts like his age.

Despite his seemingly carefree nature, Nice is a genius thinker and able to quickly assess information. He always wears a set of headphones around his neck which he uses to activate his Holder ability, known as Sonic Minimum (音速ミニマム) in the anime and Cannon Ball (キャノンボール Kyanon Bōru) in the manga, allows him to move at the speed of sound. In Re: Hamatora, using the Minimum causes a strain in his body. He is the top-ranked graduate of the Facultas Academy and went there alongside Art and Skill. His existence is regarded as classified information. He tried to abandon that place alongside Hajime in order to see the world, but was shot in the process; his life was saved by Moral, who transplanted Skill's heart into Nice's body, saving his life, and left shortly afterwards to discover Hajime has amnesia. He detests the academy due to how it judges people based on whether or not they have power and believes power should not be necessary to determine one's worth. In the finale it is revealed Nice has Skill's heart as well as his Minimum, allowing him to grant others Minimums

Murasaki (ムラサキ)

The rather reserved other half of the "Minimum Holder PI duo" along with his partner Nice. He is originally an agent of Facultas sent to capture Nice, but ended joining him. He is a rational thinker and unlike Nice, prioritizes the cost of a job request over content.[Animation ep 1] He has a bit of an existentialist outlook on things. His Holder ability known as Gravity Minimum (偉力のミニマム) in the anime and All or Nothing (オール・オア・ナッシング Ōru Oa Nasshingu) in the manga, is activated when he removes his glasses and greatly hardens his body, giving him super-human like strength. Using the Minimum in Re: Hamatora weakens his body. He is a prodigy who is ranked second among the Facultas Academy graduates. He dislikes how Nice always manages to surpass him and wishes to defeat him once in order to be acknowledged by him. In Re: Hamatora, Murasaki tries confronting Art but gets beaten up by Freenum. While he survives, his Minimum disappears, and returns to the group. In the finale, he recovers his Minimum.
Hatano has commented that while the series its share of comedy, there is also drama in some parts of the story that could result in the viewer becoming emotional. He compared the series with a festival due to the viewer's feelings. He added "The story will be followed with that feeling, what end will be met the complex case interwined."

Hajime (はじめ)

A gluttonous girl who spends most of her time at the Nowhere Café. In the manga, she is Nice's only ally and accompanies him to all of his cases. She is one of Hamatora's founders. She suffers from memory loss. Hajime is a test subject from Facultas. She was the first person to survive to a certain experimentation by Moral and was kept in the secrets. In Facultas, she met Nice who named her as she was simply known as "success No.01" and invited her to see the world alongisde leaving the academy.

Her Holder ability, while initially unexplained, makes her a strong combatant and is said to be able to rival Nice. Her Holder also heals her wound and is able to unleash a berserk state. By Re: Hamatora it is revealed the Minimum is known as the Nihilist Minimum (虚無のミニマム) triggered by despair which was first activated by seeing Nice nearly dying. It has the power of nullifying every other Minimum around her which cause her friends to go through sideeffects of their powers until they will lose it.

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